Dear Customers,

For a long time now, the pool of available IPv4 addresses has been almost empty at RIPE, the European IP address management agency and that's why RIPE stopped assigning IPv4 nets. Supply and demand determine the price at IPv4 brokers, so the prices have skyrocketed.

We have tried hard to avoid passing on these higher prices to our customers, and have accepted the economic loss until now. However, the prices have increased so dramatically that we can no longer do this & unfortunately must have to increase our prices.

Starting on 1st August 2021, there will be a one time setup fee of $30 for new orders of additional IPv4 addresses, with a monthly renewal fee of $4.5 per month.
Starting on 1st January 2022, the monthly renewal price for already purchased additional IPv4 addresses will also increase to $4.5 per month.

Demand for IPv4 addresses will likely remain very high. And we will need to continue to purchase nets. We assume that the prices for IPv4 addresses will continue to rise, and that we have to pass on the same increased impact to our customers in the future too. Prices for IPv4 will likely remain high until after IPv6 has become much more popular.
ipv4 price details

Joi, August 26, 2021

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