10 Tips to improve your wordpress security

Network Operation Team have shared an article "10 Tips to prevent wordpress from hacking"  to safegaurd your wordpress checkout this link and make your wordpress secure from the threats that can harm your CMS. The article shares a brief information about some of the loopholes which make your CMS vulnerable. We recommend our subscribers to go ... Read More »

31st Mar 2017
Kernel Successfully Patched


WebSouls Network Operation team have successfully patched its shared hosting servers with the latest kernel. The previous kernel was diagnosed with a vulnerability. After upgrading the kernal we have overcome the threats.

Technical Support,

17th Mar 2017
CageFS Updated Successfully


WebSouls Network Operations team have successfully patched our CageFs feature. There was a threat which occurred, that might affect our subscribers by accessing their files. Now every shared hosting subscriber of WebSouls is safe.

by Network Operations Team,
WebSouls - A Company of Future Souls Group

2nd Mar 2017

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