Google to Unify Chat as a New Service Called Babble!

Google Talk is great: lightweight and fast. But then, Google‘s also got G+ messenger, Hangout, and even Drive Chat. There are currently so many options across its different platforms that it can get confusing—but Google Babble is apparently set to end that, with one unified, cross-platform chat solution, which will span Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and the cloud.

According to multiple sources talking to Geek, Google’s building a whole new service, fresh from the ground up, to unify messaging across Google’s various platforms, as well as the likes of iOS and BlackBerry too.
Babble will apparently work in a similar, melded fashion to the best of Google’s current chat implementations. You’ll be able to dump images in there, fire-up video chat Hangout-style, and chat in a threaded, conversation-organised style.
Although Babble would be a boon to Google users, other services, such as Skype or AOL’s AIM, probably won’t get to share the love. As Geek notes, Google has been moving toward building its own closed communications platform, walling off other services that don’t use the same open-chat platform (called XMPP). However, the report says Babble will have notably good quality and performance.

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