How to Reset your DNS Zone in WHM?

When registering the domain with any Web Hosting Company in Pakistan, there comes a DNS to manage all DNS records. DNS is the administrative part for domain name system responsible for sending the domain traffic to correct location, there is DNS Zone present there. When we made some changes and enter invalid entries in DNS zone of the domain, after that we face many issues in website and mainly in emails so we can reset the DNS zone in WHM instead of deleting the entire zone and recreating it. But first we will learn about what DNS zone is!


What is DNS zone?


A DNS stands for Domain Name System (DNS). Every domain has its own DNS zone where the A records, MX records, TXT records, Cname records and most importantly name server records are available and configured and it is restrict forbidden to make any changes in DNS zone.


Now let’s assume we have make some changes and after that your website is down and emails are also not working, for that we will reset the DNS zone so all the settings will be revert back:


Following are the steps to follow to reset DNS zone in WHM.


Login to your WHM.



Now after the successful login, type “Reset a DNS zone” in the left side of the search bar in WHM and click on that.



Here in this option you will see the all domains DNS zone which are added in your WHM, in the search bar enter the desired domain and after selecting the desired domain name scroll down and reset the domain DNS zone.



After clicking confirm your DNS zone is reset and all invalid entries are removed now.



By following these simple step your DNS will start working fine and website would be load normally. With any VPS Hosting in Pakistan and Dedicated Server Hosting there will be a Web host manager account to manage your DNS. Websouls technical support is available 24/7 to assist you on call, online chat or advance tickets system. Stay tuned with the best information of our knowledgebase articles  for any web hosting or domain registration related matters.



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