How to Create a Hosting Plan and Assign a Domain in Plesk?


For setting up a hosting service plan in Plesk control panel, you’d need to go to the Server Administration Panel and run the Service Plans > Add a Plan wizard.

But before you do that, your first step should be logging into your Plesk account.

Here’s a complete step by step guide on how to set up a hosting plan in Plesk and assign a domain:

Step 1: Log in to Your Plesk Hosting Account

Whether you wish to create a new hosting plan in Plesk control panel or change an existing hosting plan for a Plesk subscription, you’d first need to login to your Plesk account.



Step 2: Go to Domains > Add Domain

After you’re logged in, go to “Domains” and select the “Add Domain” option in order to assign a domain.



Step 3: Fill in the Necessary Details and Click “OK”

Next up, enter the required details, including your domain name and username. When done, click on “OK” and move on to creating a hosting plan.



Step 4: Go to Service Plans and Click on “Add a Plan”

For creating a hosting plan in Plesk, go to “Service Plans”, select “Hosting Plans”, and click on the “Add a Plan” option on the far left.



Step 5: Specify Certain Plan Parameters and Click “OK”

What you need to do next in the plan creation process is specify certain plan parameters, including the plan name.

Also, define an overuse policy for the hosting plan you’re creating, and click on “OK” after having set the parameters.




All done!

That was all about creating a new hosting plan in Plesk. However, if you wish to change an existing hosting plan for a certain subscription in Plesk, keep reading and follow the steps below:

How to Change a Hosting Plan for a Subscription in Plesk?

Before we move on to the process, it’s important to note that if the hosting plan that you’re changing is a downgrade in resources, ensure that the subscription isn’t using more resources than what the plan offers, otherwise errors may arise.


Here’s the step-by-step process you need to follow in order to change a hosting plan:


Step 1: Go to Subscriptions > Change Plan

Logged in to your Plesk account already?

Go to “Subscriptions” and select the “Change Plan” option.

Afterward, tick the subscription for which you wish to change a service plan.



Step 2: Select the New Service Plan


Now, a list of service plans would appear. From the drop-down menu under the “New Service Plan”, choose a plan with which you want the subscription to be updated.



Step 3: Click on “OK” for the Subscription to be Updated

After you’ve selected a new plan, click on “OK”. The subscription would now be updated with your chosen new hosting plan.



Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed a subscription in Plesk and updated it with a new hosting plan!

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