How to Allow or Deny Ports from WHM cPanel?

Want to open or close ports via WHM interface?

We’ve got you covered with the easy guide below!

To allow or deny ports from WHM, follow these easy steps:


Step 1: Login to Your WHM Account

To change any settings via WHM cPanel, you’d first need to log into your WHM account. Remember, you have to use the root password while logging in.



Step 2: Go to the “Plugins” Section and Click “ConfigServer Security & Firewall”

After having successfully logged into your WHM account, go to the “Plugins” section and click on the “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” option.



Step 3: Click on the “Firewall Configuration” Button

Now, click on the “Firewall Configuration” button in order to go to the advanced settings.



Step 4: Go to the “IPv4 Port Settings”

On the advanced settings page, go to the “IPv4 Port Settings” option.



Step 5: Edit the “TCP_IN”, “TCP_OUT”, “UDP_IN”, and “UDP_OUT” Fields

Now, you can edit the fields to allow or deny any ports. This way, you’d be able to allow any incoming TCP ports and outgoing TCP ports.



Step 6: Click on the “Change” Button

After having edited the fields as per your requirement, you’d need to click on the “Change” button in order to save the changes you just made.



Step 7: Click on the “Restart csf+lfd” Button

Lastly, click on the button of “Restart csf+lfd” and restart the Firewall. The changes would now have been made successfully!



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