Step-by-Step Process for Enabling IonCube Loader for Cpanel Users

Check Current PHP status

Create new php file, for example info.php and put this line :




save the file and access it from web browser :


Scroll down and pay attention to below mentioned description:

Websouls Install IonCube Loader on Cpanel based Web Hosting

As you see no support for IonCube by default websouls account.


Enable IonCube Loader on Cpanel

1. Login to cpanel, select PHP Config from Software/Services menu.

Websouls Install IonCube Loader on Cpanel based Web Hosting

2. Backup .htaccess on main domain

Backup your .htaccess file from File Manager or with shell.

I use shell and issue this command  (bold line is the command) :

[~/public_html]# cp .htaccess .htaccess.backup

3. Make sure to choose PHP (Single php.ini) and Save Changes.

4. Check IonCube and click INSTALL PHP.INI MASTER FILE button.

New confirmation message will appear saying new file with name php.ini.default successfully installed.

5. Next job to do is rename the file to php.ini

Using shell command :

[~/public_html]# mv php.ini.default php.ini

or using file manager :

Go to main document root.

Select file to rename

Rename the file to php.ini and click Rename File button.

Re Check the loader

Reload info.php file for checking current status.

Mission accomplish icon smile Install IonCube Loader on Cpanel based Web Hosting

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