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Google introduced Safe browsing times ago which is an extension of Firefox and keep the Firfox browser users safe from websites which install some viruses, malware or spywares in computers.

What is “Reported Attack Site”

Reported Attack Site is a warning page which is displayed instead of a website which is indicated as a website which can harm your computer by installing viruses or malwares. This happens because of below reasons.
o Your Website or any page of your website is hosting phishing pages (harmful javascripts, iframes etc)
o Third Party Scripts, placed in your websites, are not secure
o Your FTP Password or File Manager has been compromised.
o The Computer from where you upload data in your website, is infected by malware, trojan or other viruses.
o You have set insecure folder permissions
What Happens when your website is “Reported Attack Site”
When your website is indicated as Reported attack site then Firefox users get a warning page when they access or open your website mainpage or any other page within that website. Users see a page as shown in below picture, instead of your website’s page.

Reported Attack Site
      This web site at has been reported as an attack site & has been blocked based on your security  preferences.
       Attack  sites try ti install programs that steal private information ,use your
Computer to attack others,or damage your system.
        Some attack sites intentionally distribute harmful software,but many are
Compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

Get me out of here?                            Why was this site bloked?

The worst part of this security reason is your website is also treated as a website which can harm computer in Google Search for what, you receive ZERO traffic from Google Search as Google show a security warning when any one come to your website from Google Search. Google shows a warning page instead of your website for those users who come to your website using Google Search. This Warning page look like

Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

So, You not loss users but also bear financial losses from (ads,sales etc).
What to Do When Your Website isReported Attack Site”
Thats the main question HOW TO GET RID OF When Your website is REPORTED AS ATTACK SITE by Google Safebrowsing. Ok, Just follow these steps to fix the problem.
  1. Create an Account with Google Webmasters Tools (if you not have already)
  2. Add Your Website and Verify Your Website by placing Meta Tags or by Uploading HTML File in your website
  3. Once Your website is verified in Google Webmasters Tools, you will see a Warning Page within Your Domain Dashboard in Google Webmasters Tools.
  4. Click on That Warning Note and you will see list of infected pages due to what Google is treating your website as harmful website.
  5. Check those Pages for harmful javascripts or iframes and remove those Javascripts or Iframes from those pages. Expected harmful javascripts and iframes can look like this
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