How to configure your webdisk user on iPhone?

Want to configure webdisk on iPhone? The best web hosting provides a great feature which will allow its users to store his files on his hosting account. Once you have configured a webdisk user on your cPanel of your hosting account , You can configure it on your iPhone/iOS as well. Please follow below article in order to configure webdisk user on your iPhone.


Installing webdisk is very easy simply open Appstore as shown in below image;



Search "cPanel Webdisk" as shown in below image;



Tap on install as shown in below image;



Once the webdisk is successfully installed, Please click on open as shown in below image;



Tap on "+" in order to add your webdisk user as shown in below image;



Provide your webdisk details as shown in below image;



Once you have provided the details now click on save as shown in below image;


After successfully configuring your webdisk you will find a similar image as shown below. Now you can safegaurd your precious files and images on your Web hosting

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