How to Change Time Zone of Website Using PHP.ini File?

In this article you will learn How to change Time zone of website using php.ini file


C-Panel also called control panel is most popular Linux-based interface for web hosting accounts. It provide you to almost manage all of your domain/web services in a single place/platform. In simple we can say that it’s a tools that is designed to run and control a website.

We can use the Time zone for different purposes but most of the time we use it to assign our local time of our region or country.

To change the Time zone from C-Panel follow the steps given below in the article.



Login into your c-panel account.



Click on the File manager from FILES menu.

Image 1



Select the php.ini file and edit it. If you are not able to find the file then create it.

Image 2



Write the below line of code in your php.ini file and save it.


Image 3

Now your website time zone has been changed.


Important note: If you want to check your time zone then use PHP info () function.


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